Education Day Session Speakers

For education day sessions to be held on March 24 (Thu), 2022, we will provide Education Day Program Book (Book of lecture slides) to participants who have added the program book option during registration. In this regard, we would appreciate it if you could submit your lecture slides file by the requested deadline.

If you do not wish to print your lecture slides on Education Day Program Book or if your lecture material contains unpublished data, please let the secretariat know.

Please be advised that speakers of sessions scheduled on March 25 (Fri), 26 (Sat), 27 (Sun) are NOT requested to submit their lecture slides files.


  • Requested file: Lecture slides (Education Day speakers only)
  • File format: .pptx or .ppt (PowerPoint presentation file)
  • File slide limit: No. of slides should not exceed 30 slides
  • *You may abbreviate lecture slides for printed material
  • Slide set up: please choose 4:3 or 16:9 (depending on your presentation method)
  • Font size: Use a minimum font size of 14 points.
  • Font style: Avoid using custom fonts. We recommend that you use the default fonts that come with Microsoft Office.


Click the "Go to upload my education day session lecture slides" button below, and submit your slides.

Submission Deadline: March 3 (Thu), 2022